Cary/Barrington Massage Therapist, Liz Florine
Liz Florine with her two rescue dogs, Zoe (left) and Sasha (right).

About the Practitioner

Liz Florine began her journey as a massage therapist when she discovered massage therapy as a means to relieve herself of chronic pain.  Since she has always been interested in health and holistic remedies, becoming a massage therapist was a natural choice.  Because she has experienced debilitating pain herself, she can relate to what her clients are feeling.

Liz is an animal lover and has been a vegetarian for most of her life.  Her love for all animals especially her two rescue dogs, Zoe and Sasha, led her to pursue Canine Massage and expand her practice to help dogs in need of physical and emotional support, and provide them with a better quality of life.  Liz is a graduate of the Lang Institute for Canine Massage in Colorado, a 663 state-approved program that focuses on the whole dog for optimal well-being.

She began her business in Barrington, IL in 2003, and in 2015, she moved to her current location in Cary, IL where she works on people and performs Canine Massage for dogs. Her mission is to help both dogs and people experience the benefits of massage beyond basic relaxation.

Liz continues to receive massage therapy and other forms of bodywork as a way to stay healthy and active.

  • State Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Graduate from Wellness & Massage Training Institute (WMTI) in Woodridge, IL (770 hour program)
  • Certified Medical Massage Practitioner (MMP)
  • Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner (CKTP)™
  • Graduate from The Lang Institute for Canine Massage in Colorado (663 hour program)
  • Member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professsionals (ABMP), one of America’s most respected massage associations