George B.

“What I like most about Liz Florine is the way I feel during the session and for days beyond. It is perhaps akin to exorcism as tension and stress seem to float away and are replaced by a relaxing calm. This feeling stems from, I believe, a number of factors which would include Liz Florine’s unmatched skill, her integrity, her professionalism and simply the pure magic of the entire experience. I have complete trust in Liz, without which it would be a short lived experience with very little benefit. The importance of trust cannot be over emphasized as it is fundamental to successful massage therapy precisely in the same way that trust is imperative to the doctor- patient relationship. I certainly recommend A Touch Above to anybody and everybody whether they have a serious, chronic condition or simply, like myself, suffer from the minor aches and pains associated with not getting any younger or perhaps occasionally overdoing physically. I have gone to Liz on a monthly basis since August 2003 and feel that we are fortunate to have Liz in our community.”