Tim C.

“Liz provides a high quality, effective massage in a tranquil/peaceful setting at an affordable rate.”

Barb L.

“Liz’s massages are like taking a vacation! I’m truly convinced that this is essential to my health and well-being.”

Jim F.

“Very relaxing and successful in relieving leg pains due to disc problems.”

Gary H.

“Liz is a top notch professional whose skills and sensitivity to her craft are state of the art.”

Cathy B.

“Liz is excellent for a sensitive to touch person. She goes slow and lets my body adjust to her touch.”

Suzie B.

“I really appreciate the wonderful professionalism and the special attention to whatever is most in need of correction, without ignoring the rest of the body. Liz is the best.”

Pat B.

“I think Liz is one of the most expert therapists I have come across. She has confidence in her ability which always translates into excellent results.”

Ann W.

“Liz is a very competent deep tissue therapist. I find a couple of sessions with her and muscle pain and strain is usually completely gone.”

George B.

“What I like most about Liz Florine is the way I feel during the session and for days beyond. It is perhaps akin to exorcism as tension and stress seem to float away and are replaced by a relaxing calm. This feeling stems from, I believe, a number of factors which would include Liz Florine’s […]

Jane B.

“Excellent, deep tissue massage! I feel instant relief – no more headaches, stiff neck and sore shoulders after an hour session.”